7 Personal Grooming Tips for Women

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Personal grooming is not about heavy make-ups and expensive clothes. It’s about bringing a change to yourself that makes you look beautiful and feel confident.

It’s an art or practice of taking care of your body and appearance which includes bathing, dressing, cutting nails and hair, skin nourishment and oral care.

The very practice of self-grooming not only enhances your personal hygiene and self-esteem but gives you an attractive and subtle personality. And as far as self-esteem is concerned, the way you feel about yourself determines the way other people perceive you.

However, there is one more benefit of self-grooming which many of us may not know about. Personal grooming habits improve your performance in the workplace.  According to a study, 52 percent of men and 64 percent of women claim they perform better at work when they look good.

Therefore, you should always be careful about how you present yourself. Here are some basic personal grooming tips for women to help them build a lasting impression and personality.

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Cover the Dark Circles

Fresh and glistening eyes are a symbol of good health. While dark circles or puffiness around eyes are a common issue with busy lives, a proper eye care regime can definitely help reduce them.

Use the right concealer or makeup to hide dark circles, since you don’t want to look tired and sleepy.

Wear mascara to make your eyes look even better. But avoid using falsies or vibrant eye shadows at the workplace.

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Nourish Your Skin

moisturize facial skin
Attractive woman applying moisturizer

Taking good care of the skin is an important part of personal grooming. A blemish-less, healthy skin boosts our confidence.

Make sure your facial skin tone is even before leaving the house. Apply the right foundation and makeup on your skin. But don’t overdo it.

Moisturize your facial skin properly, since lack of hydration can make it dull. Stand a couple of feet away from the mirror and if you see any patchy area, cover it nicely. Wear some lip color that matches your overall getup.

Take care of your skin on a routine basis and keep yourself healthy internally. Get adequate sleep and increase the intake of fruits, green vegetables, and water. It will surely result in a fresh and glowing skin without using makeup. Besides, Yoga and exercise are an effective way to get healthy skin.

Take Care of Your Hair

The hairstyle must suit the shape of your face. However, you should not keep long hair if you can’t take care of it.

Wash the hair thrice a week with an ammonia-free shampoo and use a mild conditioner to prevent the after-shampoo dryness. Take hot oil massage to provide adequate nourishment to your hair.

Comb the hair nicely and make sure it doesn’t look shabby. If you have long hair, make a neat ponytail or bun for a clean and professional look.

Remove Unwanted Body Hair

Shape your eyebrows when required and remove or lighten the facial hair. But be careful about excessive bleach, for it can leave a dry and patchy skin.

To look presentable, remove the unwanted hair on hands, legs, and underarms.

Keep the Nails Clean and Short

Feet, palms, and nails are often the most ignored parts of our body. But, they need care and nourishment too.

Keep your nails clean and trimmed. Go for pedicure and manicure once in a month to keep them healthy.

If you have cracks on your feet, get a good foot cream and apply on it before going to bed.

Avoid flashy nail paints at work; instead, use a neutral-colored shiner.

Wear a Light Perfume

Everyone is attracted to a pleasing fragrance. Therefore, be careful while choosing your perfume.

It should be mild and light. And more importantly, it should suit your skin type.

Dress According to the Occasion

The dressing is a vital element in women grooming guides.

Dress according to the occasion. When you dress well, it not only makes you feel confident but also changes the way people see you.

The clothes should be clean and properly ironed. It should fit you perfectly; neither too tight not too loose.

Get the right color and accessories. Wear matching wristwatch and shoes to complement the overall look.

But beyond the checklist, lies one of the most essential ingredients of personal grooming, that’s ‘smile’. Always wear a pleasant smile on your face. It not only adds charm to your personality but makes you look more approachable and welcoming.

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