10 Quick Tips to Groom Your Personality for a Job

Personality is a reflection of your internal thoughts and emotions. So you are the best judge while presenting yourself. Here are some tips to groom your personality.

Well, a lot has been written on how to groom personality for men and women. Your personality is everything you have about your self. Did you know bad grooming can be perceived as an indication of poor performance? According to this study in Australia, 52% of men and 64% of women claim that they perform better at work when they look good and feel great about themselves.

Personality is a mosaic portrayal of your emotions, behavior, traits and innate qualities. It speaks much about how you interact with people and deal with their actions. Grooming your personality is an enduring process, and you should be careful about how you present yourself to others. Here are some useful tips to groom your personality and leave a lasting impression.

Fall in Love with Yourself

No person can love others if he doesn’t love himself. Learn to appreciate your efforts and upkeep your self- respect. Appreciating your own efforts lifts your morale as well as your mood. Maintaining a self-belief on your decisions is the key to motivation in your personality and lifestyle.
tips to groom your personality

Speak and Associate with People

Many of us are uncomfortable to speak in public owing to glossophobia or public anxiety. This public speaking fear can be decreased by mixing with new people every day, participating in discussions and socializing. Else opt for training courses or speech clubs that address the problem and help to reduce them to manageable levels.

Avoid Silly Habits

Biting nails, picking nose in public can be offensive to the people around you. Start foregoing such practices to a neater personality. Though Nail-biting or Onychophagia is a common stress-relieving habit, however, it leaves a bad impression on the onlookers about you. Don’t be surprised when you find raised eyebrows of interviewers at the sight of your unhealthy nails!

Learn To Admire and Appreciate

Make it a habit to admire and appreciate your peers and friends. This not only creates a sense of camaraderie and fellow-feeling amongst your buddies but builds healthy surroundings in and around you. You will feel great when you are returned back with a smile and much more!

Admit Your Shortcomings

Be sportive enough when criticized or made aware of flaws. Make a mental note to improve upon the mistakes and avoid repeating them. Take them as a learning experience or a stepping stone to move ahead. Admitting your shortcomings makes you grow humbler and mature as a person.

Beam with a Smile

Wear a pleasant smile to your face. Not only does it add charm to your personality but it makes you look more welcoming. Remember a smile costs nothing but gives much enriching those who receive it! Go confident with the natural cosmetic that glorifies your persona.professional group of five for web

Learn New Things

Try to pick up new hobbies as well as indulge yourself in new engagements. It not only expands your horizons but involves mixing with newer and variety of people. Enroll in piano or guitar lessons; join social clubs, hang-out with friends, do all that takes to groom a new and better personality.

Facing the Change

It’s easier to groom yourself when you are eager to face-the-change than you are to change-the-face. Adapting yourself to the people, environment, and lifestyle around you will ease out things in the process and open up you to better opportunities

Fight the Negative Thoughts

Keep your mind and body fit to fight the negative thoughts. Practice yoga or meditation, listen/read inspirational lessons. It gives positive energy and lifts your spirits, taking your personality to an all-new high.

Learn to Express

Whenever you achieve success share it with friends and family and celebrate it. Little joys make way to bigger happiness. So don’t keep the success story entirely to yourself and learn to express and verbalize your emotions.

It’s natural to age and your body to slow down gradually. But none of us want to give in to the changes brought by age and we all want to look our best as long as we can. However, there are some secret tips that will help you look your best INSTANTLY and help you realize how beautiful and good looking you can be with age. Here are a few simple lifestyle changes that can help you turn back the hands of time, quickly and easily.

Stand up Straight

Make it a habit to stand straight. This will make you appear more confident and look younger and agile. Practice standing with your arms at your sides and make sure your shoulders automatically go back. Practice this until standing up straight comes naturally.

Sleep Well

Many of us have the habit of going to bed at late hours and bending our body clocks. But having a good night’s sleep of 7 to 8 hours can give your body a chance to rejuvenate itself. With the right amount of sleep, you will wake up looking and feeling younger, more refreshed.

Hair Colors

Opting to color the hair to hide the grey is a great way to hide the tell-tale signs of aging. Better to choose a color that is close to your original color and it naturally compliments your facial tones. If you should like, consider highlights or low lights to your tresses. If you have a beard, you need to know what works for the particular interview you are appearing.

Here’s a very useful infographic by Men’s Health Magazine, that tells you what kind of beard works for your interview.tips-to-groom-your-personality-for-a-job


Your longer hair can actually make you look tired and worn down. Shorter hair eliminates the dry ends, creates a more bouncy look and improves your overall youthfulness. Consider side-swept bangs to expose and frame your beautiful face. Also, consider a layered style to create a livelier, shinier appearance.beard for jobs tips

Clear Eyesight

If you have eyesight problems, update your glasses with a good look and sharp power. As our eye power changes and our prescription glasses need changing, so does the style of frames. By updating your current frames you create a more current, up-to-date look.

Right Dresses

Outdated dresses can let you down! As your body changes, so should your wardrobe. Most important avoid wearing baggy clothes. Wear fitting outfits that compliment your body and hide areas of concern. Because our skin tone becomes lighter, duller with age, look for outfits with softer colors to better match your complexion.

Right Pair of Shoes

You need to update your shoes with your apparel. Dull, worn and out-of-date shoes reflect the same on your appearance. Keep your shoes updated with the fashions and looking shiny and new.

I hope these tips to groom your personality will help you feel more confident about yourself and succeed in life. Good luck!