8 Vital Body Language Tips for Interview

A girl being interviewed for jobs

While the decision of hiring you is contemplated after comparing all the pros and cons, it only requires the first thirty seconds of a job interview session to reject you as a prospective candidate. Since you have such a short time to prove yourself as the most suitable applicant for the job, you need to apt both verbally and non-verbally in order to present yourself as the perfect potential aspirant.

Non verbal gestures i.e. your body language is an important deciding factor when it comes to getting hired. It can affect the recruiter’s decision to a great extent and most of the times create an unchangeable impression in their minds. To make sure you do not put an end to your interview even before getting started, here are some body language tips that need to complement your flawless resume in order to get hired successfully.

Behave Professionally Even While Waiting

I am sure you must be aware of the fact that most organizations nowadays deploy CCTV cameras in waiting halls to observe the pre-interview behavior of the candidates. In such cases, a single casual or unacceptable behavior from you might lead to the cancellation of the impending interview or create a very bad first impression.

So, make sure you are at your best behavior and posture inside the waiting hall. Do not slouch and sit in a relaxed position with your hands behind your head. It shows that you are not bothered about the seriousness of the job interview. On the other hand, clutching your purse or documents tightly and sweating profusely is a bad sign indicating that you are nervous and not ready for the job. Simply look comfortable and be patient. Be polite to the front office executives and the rest of the candidates but do not gossip. Maintain the formal seating posture that shows your sincerity.

Walk in Confidently, Yet Humbly

Striking a balance between confidence and cordiality is very important as well as difficult. When you walk through the door and approach your interviewers your body language should reflect your humbleness and your confidence. Look as professional as possible. Keep your head straight, make proper eye contact and smile when you ask for permission to enter. Walking jauntily can be misinterpreted as arrogance and drooping your shoulders and lowering your head usually indicate lack of self confidence. It is always better to maintain a neutral posture.

Body Language Tips for Interview

Shake Hands Firmly

Shaking your hands weakly without a firm grip showcases you as a person who does not have self-reliance. It portrays you as a submissive person who sighs away from risks. Rather deliver a firm handshake but do not crush their fingers.  It would be embarrassing and feel like you are trying too hard, to present yourself as someone you are not.

Maintain Physical Distance

This usually occurs due to carelessness or unawareness. We tend to move closer towards a person while having a conversation. Standing close to your recruiter or anyone you know in your professional space might create an uncomfortable environment. Remember, by doing so you are invading their personal space which is considered as impertinent even though you didn’t do it intentionally. So, always be careful to maintain a certain distance between you and the interviewer.

Never Fidget

Fidgeting with your hands, legs, hair and face are signs that either you are restless, nervous or in the worst case bored. It also shows that either you are unprepared and don’t know how to tackle the situation or you are simply nervous and not paying attention. So, always be seated patiently and do not distract the recruiter with this body language gaffe.

Make Eye Contact

Almost all recruiters hold eye contact as an important deciding factor. The lack of eye contact shows that you might be dishonest or lying or else you are not a good communication. The latter case is detrimental to your chances of getting the job. You might look around while you are speaking but you need to really look at the interviewer when he is speaking. The eye contact is a powerful connection and communication tool that can turn the tables.

Smile Subtly

There is nothing like a warm good smile on your face when you approach the job interviewers. Nobody likes to employ constantly unhappy and miserable people. Although a little bit of nervousness is healthy, you need to showcase a pleasant smile that says that you are comfortable to carry on the proceedings. Also a smile always makes you a likable person.

Keep Your Hands on the Table

Never hide your hands by keeping them on your lap or appear defensive by crossing them across your chest. If you wish you can make slight gestures while speaking or explaining something, but for the rest of the session you can keep your hands on the table without fidgeting with anything. This gesture helps the recruiter to understand about your honesty and diligence.

Making certain minor mistakes out of ignorance is ok and most recruiters will understand that you are much nervous to concentrate on your body language interpretations. However, you need to be careful in order to show the employer that you are sincere and well trained in professional etiquettes along with your skills.