How to Stop iOS7 from Killing Your iPhone Battery – 7 Ways

Thanks to Jony Ive, iOS7 been designed to improve your visual and operational experiences. And, it does. But technically speaking, when a smartphone operating system is designed for multi-tasking, it tends to easy away your battery life. It can happen to any smartphone, and therefore, iPhones are no exception.

Luckily, there are many ways in which you can stop it from happening. All you have to do is disable some features that you won’t need every now and again, but come enabled on default settings.

Take a look at the following settings on your iPhone (if it’s running on iOS7) and change the settings as described below:

Turn Off Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh is a intuitive feature on iOS7 that allows the background apps (the ones you’re not using currently) to refresh their content. Assuming you have about 50 apps on your iPhone, and you’re using just a bunch of them regularly, just imagine how much juice they will consume in the background.

To stop this from happening, go to Settings > General > Background Apps Refresh. Here, you can either turn off the main function, or turn off specific apps that you don’t want to refresh in the background automatically.

Turn Off Location Tracking Apps

There are a few apps on your iPhone that track your location all the time and they sure eat away your battery life. You probably won’t need them to track your location when you’re not them. So it makes sense to disable that feature and turn it on only when you’re going to use them again.

Apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Maps will prompt you to enable this option when you’re using them again. To turn off this option, visit Settings > Privacy > Location Services and disable the apps one by one. Just make sure you don’t disable Find My Phone as it will help you find your phone when it goes missing.

While you’re on Location Services, go to System Services option and disable “Popular Near Me” and “Frequent Locations”.

Turn Off Parallax Effects of Icons

Parallax Effects are essentially animations that make it seem like the wallpaper is moving behind the apps. While it looks great to your eyes, it sucks the battery juice as well. If you don’t want any Parallax Effects on Icons and Alerts, simply turn them off by visiting Settings > General > Accessibility and Reduce Motion to “On”.

Turn off Automatic Updating

Automatic Updating is a smart option on iOS7 that lets you update your apps in the background. This is great when your battery has enough juice, but what if your iPhone has little juice in it? You definitely don’t want the apps to update automatically and kill the battery before you know it.

To save your battery from dying this way, go to Settings > iTunes and Apple Store and uncheck the updates option.

Turn off AirDrop

AirDrop is a nifty feature that enables you to share files with other iPhones in the network on the fly. But, much like the Bluetooth feature, this can eat battery life even when you’re using it actively. To turn it off, you can slide open the Control Center and switch it off there,

Turn Down the Brightness

Your iPhone screen looks great when the brightness is high, but just like any smartphone, a bright screen can suck your battery juice as well. To turn it down, go to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness and turn off auto-brightness option, In other words, you can increase/decrease the brightness manually as per your ambience.

Turn Off Spotlight Selectively

iOS7 has a new feature called Spotlight that enables you to search your content (apps, phone number, names etc) from any screen. Technically, this is performed by indexing new data on a continuous basis, which consumes a lot of battery juice.

As a matter of fact, you won’t need stuff like events and podcast to be indexed by Spotlight all the time. To disable stuff like this, visit Settings > Genera > Spotlight Search and disable stuff you won’t need to be found under Spotlight search feature.

Hope these tips will help you save your battery life.