Smartphone Cleaning Tips – Do’s and Don’ts

Unseen to our naked eyes, dust and bacteria are everywhere and cell phones are no exceptions. In fact, those with touch screen in particular, are known to be the most disgusting, bacteria infested thing we use in everyday life. And a recent study validates this by saying that a mobile phone contains more bacteria than the average door handle, keyboard, and bottom of a shoe or even a toilet seat that cause illness and infection to our body in a course of time.

So this is about time to decide if you want to just let the bacteria make their way into your body or make some simple efforts to keep your gadgets clean. And if you don’t know already, here are some simple tips to cleaning your smartphone.

Use a Lint Free Microfiber Cloth

A lint free, microfiber cloth that usually comes with glasses is the first and the most ideal thing you need to clean the smudges off your smartphone’s screen.

# Turn Off your smartphone
# Dampen the cloth with distilled water or mild cleansing liquid that is exclusively made for LCD screen or camera lenses
# With single strokes, wipe the screen by making smooth and soft lines
# Be gentle and careful and without rubbing it over, leave the screen to air dry
# In the same way you can clean the back cover as well

At last soak the microfiber cloth in warm soapy water and wash it off.

Kill Germs and Disinfect Smartphone

For this you would need hand sanitizer that uses alcohol and again a clean microfiber cloth.

# Put a few drops of hand sanitizer into the microfiber cloth
# Wipe down the screen and rest part of the phone in the same gentle way
# If you still find smudges you can use another clean microfiber cloth or simply use the unused side of the same to get it off.

Use Cotton Swabs

To clean the inner parts of the phone as well as battery cover or the corners where cloth can’t reach, you can use a good quality cotton swab.

# Use a dry and clean cotton swab to remove ordinary dust particles
# For stubborn areas, slightly dampen the cotton swab in distilled water and clean it
# Clean the lens and flash with slightly damp cotton swabs in light and quick circular motions and once you’re done, quickly dry it using the other end of it, so that water doesn’t dry on the lenses.

Change Screen Guard Periodically

The screen guard on your smartphone obviously goes through everyday wear and tear and after a period of time it gathers dust particles and moisture beneath it. So if you want your smartphone go through a major cleaning process then keep a new screen guard ready before you remove the old one and start cleaning.

Prepare Simple Cleansing Solution

For this you need isopropyl alcohol, which is easily available in drugstore and water. Prepare a solution of isopropyl alcohol and water in 60:40 ratios. Isopropyl evaporates so quickly without leaving any marks and works as an effective disinfectant.

Now lets have quick look on the Do’s and Don’ts.


  • Always keep in mind that smartphones are delicate
  • Make sure you switch the smartphone off before you start cleaning
  • Use a phone case if you want
  • Be regular at cleaning your smartphone for the better
  • Use isopropyl alcohol because it leaves no marks


  • Make sure the cleaning liquid you use doesn’t contain ammonia
  • Don’t spray anything directly on the screen
  • Always spray the liquid on a microfiber cloth first and wipe clean the smartphone
  • Never ever use spit because it will only create grime, which you will have to clean later
  • Don’t press too hard while cleaning which might damage the display
  • Never use tissue paper or anything abrasive to clean the screen because it will only lead to scratches