5 Things You Need to Know Before Shopping for Kitchen Cabinets

Things You Need to Know Before Shopping for Kitchen Cabinets

Americans love their kitchen and bath!

According to research released by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), more than 10% of American homeowners did a kitchen or bath remodeling project in 2016. As a matter of fact, the total kitchen and bath renovation and replacement market stood at a staggering $85 billion in the same year.

With the NKBA pegging kitchen and bath industry value at a mind-boggling $134 billion, the Americans clearly know that their kitchens and baths are the heart and soul of their homes.

While the cabinets can transform a dated kitchen into a vibrant hub for family gatherings, the very choice of your kitchen cabinets can significantly affect the outcome of your kitchen remodeling project.

If the staggering range of cabinets and options is already making your choices difficult, this quick guide will help you feel at ease and make the right choice.

Buy KCMA-Certified Kitchen Cabinets

Since kitchen cabinets require a substantial investment of money, you want to make sure the cabinets you buy last long enough. But how do you know if a cabinet is of good quality?

That’s where certification comes into the picture. The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA), certifies cabinet manufacturers by testing their products against normal kitchen abuse. They subject kitchen cabinets to extreme temperatures ranging from -5 to 120 Fahrenheit to test their endurance. A wide range of tests ensures the cabinets certified by the KCMA are indeed durable in the long run and are unlikely to discolor or warp under normal kitchen abuse.

Learn the Kitchen Cabinet Glossary

If you’re planning for kitchen remodeling, it pays to learn the usual cabinet lingo, i.e, the usual words/phrases used in the cabinet industry. Without a doubt, with a better understanding of various kitchen cabinet components, you’re in a strong position to determine the quality of the cabinet you want to purchase for your kitchen renovation project. Making sense of the phrases such as stock cabinetry, semi-custom cabinetry, and custom cabinetry can help you understand the options and lead time in ordering the cabinets.

Similarly, understanding the different types such as raised panel, recessed panel, reversed raised panel and inset Shaker can go a long way in making informed decisions about your kitchen remodeling project.

Moreover, the knowledge of various types of wood materials including MDF, solid wood and plywood can help you select the right type of cabinets for your kitchen.

In short, the more you learn about your kitchen cabinetry, the better is the outcome of your purchasing decisions.

Check out the different terms associated with Kitchen Cabinets.

Customize Your Kitchen Storage

Gone are the days when homeowners would settle with stock cabinets. Today, kitchen cabinets come in a variety of options to choose from, allowing homeowners to customize and personalize their kitchen cabinetry the way they like.

From full-extension roll-out shelves to large drawers to lazy Susan cabinets, modern kitchen cabinets make it super easy and convenient for homeowners to make optimum use of limited kitchen space and navigate the deep corners in the cabinets without much hassle.

The modern kitchen cabinets aren’t just functional, they’re elegant and can be customized to match diverse kitchen styles.

Pick the Right Cabinet Color and Accessories

Kitchen cabinets are not just about functionality – they are also about looking and feeling. The modern family spends a great deal of time in the kitchen; so, homeowners want to customize the kitchen cabinets that create the right ambiance for their family.

Today, kitchen cabinets are available in a wide range of color options starting from maple to cherry to mahogany. Again, the choice of specific color lends a different mood to your kitchen. For example, while light-colored woods such as oak and maple make your kitchen look bright and spacious, darker woods like cherry and mahogany create a cozy yet furniture-oriented ambiance.

Moreover, a vast array of kitchen cabinet accessories including door trims, filler panels, corner moldings, and decorative accents present a wealth of possibilities for kitchen renovation.

Check the Sturdiness and Build Quality

Kitchen cabinets are not just about the look and functionality – to last long, they need to be sturdy enough. Robust and long-lasting cabinets tend to enjoy solid structural integrity and build quality in terms of superior wood grades, thick panels, and strong joints among others. As a homeowner seeking quality cabinets, you need to be familiar with certain construction best practices. For example, strong dovetail joinery, ¾” thick face frame, and ⅝” thick panels are some of the features that reflect the quality of kitchen cabinets.

Finding the right cabinets for your kitchen remodeling project requires knowledge, persistence, and some legwork. In the end, your efforts will be rewarded with big saving and an elegant, functional and stimulating kitchen ambiance.