How to Say “Thank You” During a Job Search

Thank You” During a Job Search

You have absolutely no idea how the two simple words “thank you” can be the key to an alluring job offer. A mere thank you changes the impression of a person about you and it can definitely evict some negative thoughts if any harbored by the recruiter. So, do not reserve your thanks and gratitude only for the Thanksgiving Day but be generous enough to show it and say it at the right places and occasions throughout the job interview process so that you can improve your chances of getting hired.

Saying Thanks before the Interview

When you receive an invite for the job interview make sure you say thank you. Thousands of people apply for a job post everyday and only a handful of applicants are chosen for the job interview and you are one of the lucky people. Learn to be grateful for that to your recruiter. If you receive a call for the interview through a telephonic message, be sure to say thank you on the spot and express how wonderful you feel on getting this opportunity. Don’t fail to mention that you will arrive on time be on schedule.  However, if you have received a call through a written letter, reply to it accordingly. Send a formal thank you note stating your gratefulness and enthusiasm, but don’t make it long.

The other instance where you need to mention a “thank you” is the cover letter. Remember the interviewer is spending a section of his invaluable time on reading your resume and cover letter. A thank etched down there will really be appreciated.

Saying thanks During the Job Interview

When you are permitted to enter the interview room, drop a subtle thank you which indicates that you are polite and courteous. Another courtesy related thank you should be dropped right when they request you to take your seat.

During the interview session, although you need not say thanks every now and then, the feeling of gratitude and modesty should be expressed with cleverness. If you are showered with compliments acknowledge it graciously. Not acknowledging the compliments with a humble note makes you look like an egoist who feels he/she deserves the compliments.

Once the Interview is over, say thank you before leaving and express how indebted and obliged you feel to have been given a chance.

Saying Thanks after the Interview

A thank you note after the interview is very important. A customized thank you note says that you were attentive to every subtle detail and are still interested for the position. A proper thank you note can be a very effective way to beat your immediate competitor.

In case you get the job, say thank you to everyone who played a role in getting you hired. They have trusted your words and your skills. Let them know they have made the right decision and would never ever regret.

Infographic Courtesy: The Ladders

Being Careful about Certain Mistakes

Most people commit a blunder by calling up the interviewer just the day after the session for expressing their gratitude. However, recruiters are busy people and will not appreciate your calling them and taking up a lot of time. Instead sending a note proves fruitful as they can go through it whenever they have some time to look at it. However, don’t write a long note. Nobody goes through a painstakingly lengthy note in a limited time. They will simply prefer to ignore it.

Never send a gift as a token of thanks. It is mostly counted as bribery and is often considered unprofessional behavior. Also, showing up at the office premises and asking for an appointment can mark you as a pushy and aggressive person who simply won’t let go. So, you need to know your limit and where to stop.

While saying thank you is critical to a job interview process, knowing how and when to do it proves fruitful for your goal. So, make sure your next job interview is laden with a nice smile and appropriate “thank you’s”.