How to Protect Your Personal Information on Facebook

Protect Your Personal Information on Facebook

If you are an active Facebook user, you know it all too well that impulsiveness is the hallmark of most Facebook users. Many users find Facebook as an outlet to express their emotions, happiness and otherwise. But some of them overdo it at times. That’s why it’s not quite shocking to see people share their personal and very personal details on Facebook as well. Likewise, there are many users that really want to keep some of their details to themselves or share the information only with a closed group of people. Unfortunately, they can’t protect their privacy since they just don’t know how to change the default settings to their individual preferences.

Protect Your Personal Information on Facebook

Whether you belong to the former or latter category of Facebook users, you must know many advertisers use your personal data to their advantage. Worse, your personal yet publically available data (photos and other personal bio) could be used in a way you’ve never imagined.

If you don’t want to that to happen, here how you can protect your personal information on Facebook.


To optimize the sharing of information among your friends, you need to create a list that includes the particular group you wish to share the information with. To create a list, go to the “Friends” section of the left hand navigation panel and click on “MORE” tab. You will get a button”+Create List” which allows you to create an entirely different list. If you wish to share the post with an existing list you will find the list name under the Friends section.


Enabling security settings can help a great deal in protecting your personal information. Do you see that tab labeled “Security” at the header on top of the left navigation panel? You need to enable security browsing and login notifications for both emails and push notifications. Also it is better to take precaution against logging in from an unknown browser by enabling a Code generator which will establish another security layer when linking to Facebook.


If you are frustrated with all those event and gaming invitations piling up on your news feed then try using the “Blocking” section from the privacy settings which will allow you to block requests to join events, app invites, repeated game membership requests.


You can also put a restriction to what your friends can find about you through their apps and limit it to only basic information.


The Privacy Settings tab at the top right corner of your Facebook page gives a lot of options to customize your privacy options. To start with, you can set the “Who can see my stuff” option to “Only Friends”. Similarly, you can also make changes to “who can contact me” section. In order to customize what shows up on your Timeline, he easiest though a bit tedious way is to scuffle through your activity log.

Timeline & Tagging

If you wish to secure your Timeline and Tagging, then the particular section in Privacy settings provides you with various options to make your data and posts secure. You can customize the “who can see my posts” tag to “Only Friends” for privacy purposes.

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