5 Travel Tips to Sleep Well during Long-haul Flights

Book three seats and lie flat across them…Unless you can afford to pay for three seats for just one passenger, read on…

Getting sleep during flights can be terribly difficult, and if you’re embarking on an international flight, it can be a nightmare. I had a hard time getting some sleep in the flights to Bangkok and Singapore even though both the flights were just a little over 4-hour long. The feeling of being awake when almost all of your fellow passengers are asleep is horrible and the fact that you’re in a pressurized atmosphere doesn’t help the matter either. If you have been through the same ordeal as I, you know what I’m talking about.

However, the good news is there are smarter ways to deal with the problem and by following some simple travel hacks, you can avoid the ordeal in future. Here are a few sleep hacks that may help you get sound sleep during long haul flights tips.

Choose Your Seat Wisely

Selecting the seats during reservation can save a lot of pain during your flight. Many people prefer a window seat since they don’t want to be frequently disturbed by the activities of their fellow passengers travelling beside them. So you might want to follow a similar strategy too, but just make sure you’re done with the toilet so you don’t wake up busting. You don’t want to disturb your fellow passengers’ sleep. Find out where the airline most often seats passengers travelling with infants; avoid sitting too close to the galley or restrooms, where there will be noise and traffic.

Moreover, avoid choosing your seats that are close to the emergency windows of the aircraft or at its rear end. In both the situations, you’re unlikely to get a recycling seat which can further ruin your flying experience.

Invest in a Neck Pillow

In order to get good sleep, you need to have a head support. Unfortunately, many coach seats won’t have a back that goes high enough for this. So, a neck pillow can be the best investment you’ve ever made during your flights. Trust me; they work magically when you’re trying to get some sleep during your flight. Here are a bunch of quality neck pillows available on Amazon that won’t cost you a fortune. Go for one that has a flat neck as they are likely to offer highest comfort to your head.

Allow Your Feet Some Freedom

How you treat your legs can critically impact your sleep during long-haul flights. A simple yet very effective hack is to allow your feet to breathe, which can help induce sound sleep during flights. You may want to take off your shoes before you settle down for a nap, but what if you had smelly socks? Make sure you have put on a pair of clean socks before you board the flight.
Aside from odor-free feet, you also need to allow your legs enough room for movement during sleep. Use the overhead compartment to store your carry-ons and don’t keep anything around your legs.

Make Your Own Noise

It is difficult to avoid the surrounding noise in a flight, whether it’s coming from a baby sitting next to you or from fidgety passengers moving every now and again. Since noise is the worst enemy of sound sleep, you have to do what it takes to avoid it. This is exactly why most seasoned travellers invest in a noise-cancelling headphone or an iPod to listen to their favorite music. You can use many of the active types even without listening to music; if you can’t sleep, they greatly improve the experience of watching the movies too.

Mind Your Sleep

Some people are enviably blessed with the habit of getting sleep naturally regardless of the surrounding challenges. Since you’re reading this post, I guess we share the same problem – finding it hard falling asleep instantly. Some recommend not sleeping too much the night before while others wouldn’t mind popping natural sleeping pills. If you are opting for the latter, you must consult a medicine specialist.

Some passengers plan on going to sleep immediately after the flight takes off. It’s a bad idea because you could soon be interrupted for snacks or drinks offered by the cabin crew. Plus, a drink or snack ensures you’re well hydrated which lulls you into sleep naturally. Additionally, you may think of carrying an eye mask if you want to avoid the overhead cabin lights. Similarly, a warm blanket can always save your life if the low temperature in the aircraft is too uncomfortable for you to get any sleep.