6 Types of Kitchen Cabinet Doors for Kitchen Remodel Project

Types of Kitchen Cabinet Doors for Kitchen Remodel

Cabinet doors are the most important component of cabinetry. Whether you’re going to a massive kitchen remodel or simply refacing your old cabinet system, you will need to factor in cabinet doors very seriously. They not only make your cabinet functional but affect the whole ambiance of your kitchen space. Therefore, choosing the right cabinet door style is critical to creating a positive and long-lasting kitchen vibe. In this guide, we will talk about the different types of kitchen cabinet doors available for your next remodel project.

Slab Style Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Slab style kitchen cabinet doors are solid and flat with no frame or panel. They are very close to a single, unembellished, ungrooved piece of wood and lend a clean smooth and modern flair to your kitchen decor. Despite the obvious aesthetic advantage, they are still the least popular cabinet door around, thanks to their expensive price tag. However, as the frameless cabinet doors are gradually making their way back to the kitchen with their prices becoming more affordable.

Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Shaker style kitchen cabinet doors need no introduction. Pioneered by iconic Shaker furniture style, the Shaker style door features an outer door frame with a 90-degree beveled angled to the door panel, strengthening the door and producing a shadow, decorative effect. The clean, elegant and minimalist style is versatile enough for a wide range of kitchen style including country, classic, contemporary and modern. Hailed as the most popular kitchen cabinet style by the Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, 2018, the Shaker style kitchen cabinet door is usually found in natural wood finishes such as Maple, Cherry, and Oak.

Cathedral Style Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Single Arch or Cathedral (aka White Cathedral) kitchen cabinet door is a popular style, featuring wooden door profile with a single arch at the top. Some manufacturers also make cathedral style kitchen doors from MDF wrapped in thermofoil for a long lifespan. Also, those MDF cathedral cabinets rarely need painting in the long run, which makes them an affordable kitchen cabinet solution for a budget-friendly kitchen remodel or rental apartments.

Double Arch Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Double arch kitchen cabinet doors are essentially an extended version of the single arch or Cathedral kitchen door. Also known as double Cathedral kitchen door, these doors have deep grooves and attractive profile which lends the door a pronounced shadow and decorative effect. Constructed from either natural wood or MDF, these doors cost the same as the cathedral doors.

Beadboard Kitchen Cabinet Door (Shaker Style)

Beadboard kitchen cabinet door style is a variation of the Shaker style with beadboard style wood insert. This cabinet door style is most suited to a rustic kitchen with farmhouse or apron sinks.

Mullion Style Kitchen Cabinet Door

Mullion style kitchen cabinet doors are essentially window style doors with glass panels supported by stiles. This kitchen cabinet door style is typically adopted in the traditional kitchen remodel.

Choosing the right kitchen cabinet door is a huge undertaking, considering the large investment you make in kitchen remodeling or refacing project. It’s important to figure out the type of cabinet doors appropriate for your kitchen style or you could end up regretting your decisions.