5 Tips to Search a Job on Naukri.com

A salesperson working in an office on a virtual call

Over the last few years, job portals have become increasingly effective for many potential job seekers as well as recruiters. With the advent of the very popular job search engine Naukri.com, searching a job that exactly appreciates your talent has become a simple and easy process. Naukri.com has become a highly preferred job search engine for the Indian mass as it helps them to get into their dream jobs without much hassle. Job seekers these days neither have to wait for a newspaper advertisement nor do they have to randomly call up companies in order to find if there are any suitable vacancies. Almost every one of us has a fair idea of how to search for job openings in Naukri.com, still there are many who are unable to get hold of the suitable job openings just because they do not implement a correct search strategy.

The instructions mentioned below will help you to sharpen your job search on Naukri.com also will help you to immediately become visible to potential employers.

Job Objective

In simple words, this is what we call as a job summary. This is where many fail to highlight themselves and thus end up in not being able to make their resume visible to potential recruiters. In order to find a best fitting job for you, you should clearly state your job objective. Summarize your academic and professional background very precisely also mention what you are exactly looking for in a job. If the word limit allows you, do mention what you are best at and how will you be beneficial for a company if you are hired. Many employers pick up a resume based on the job objective of the candidate; if they don’t find your objective matching their criteria, they will simply scroll over to the next candidate profile.

Correct Keywords

The first most imperative thing that you should essentially take care of while searching for a job on Naukri.com is using the correct keyword(s). Recruiters post job vacancies specifically mentioning a set of key skills that they are looking in potential candidates. If you absurdly enter key words, they will not help you in any manner. If your mentioned keywords are relevant to any job opening, it will immediately flash in your search page. Therefore, keyword selection is a crucial element in refining your online job searches.

Location Preference

The interface of Naukri.com provides you with an advanced option of “Location Preference”. Instead of searching for your desired profile in the whole of India, specifically opt for 2-3 locations where you think you would be most comfortable in relocating. If you are looking for a job in your own locality then just select the particular place in the “Select Location” option.

Advanced Search

This option refines your job searches and further streamlines your search. If you hold a decent professional experience and are quite sure of where you want to get into, mention the exact keyword, the job category, your total experience in years and your expected salary range in the job search interface. You will just get refined search results, which best matches your professional credits. This is a 90% effective and guaranteed way to find the best fitting job openings.

Profile Completion

Just because Naukri.com provides the flexibility of finding a job sitting at home, it does not mean that recruiters can magically discover you and your talents. You need to fill up all mandatory fields as well as most of the optional fields of your profile page. A profile, which is complete in all respects, is sure to be visible to employers and a well-updated profile can definitely catch the attention of potential recruiters. Do take care to provide your correct contact information and update it on a regular basis. This ensures that your resume is active and therefore takes precedence in search by recruiters.