How to Date an Academically Talented Girl

Almost every other girl you dated, back in college and school was brighter than you academically, Wasn’t she? But for some people who consider academic proficiency as a critical factor for being in a relationship, dating or long-term relationship is rather difficult. In some cases, it is difficult for a guy to decide how to go about wooing a girl who is the topper of the college. The fear of superiority complex, rejection and the difference in “grades” are almost always a hindrance to dating a girl academically more talented. Here are four tested tips to make your relationship successful without ego and comparisons creating rifts.

Have Self-confidence

For a girl to be attracted towards a guy intellectual efficiency is not much of a concern. What matters to them is if you are confident and upright. Your self-confidence is a quality that will set you at par with everything else. You need to be very sure about your goals and decisions and not dependent upon anybody else. Being content about your job or any work you do and not looking down upon yourself if your paycheck is slightly less than her will avoid any dissatisfaction or rift arising out of ego issues.

Maintain Proper Equation with Your Partner

If you are less bright than your partner, which does not mean you will sigh away from taking important decisions. It is an acute need for you to participate in discussions pertaining to your relationship and put forward your point. This shows your sense of judgment and makes your partner recognize your knowledge in practical life. Maturely handling fights and arguments will always give you the stature you want in your relationship thereby ignoring the qualification aspect.

Respect Her and Yourself

Although dating is a very informal relationship, having respect for each other is an inevitable criterion in order to maintain it. If you trust and respect yourself, your partner will reciprocate in the same way. It is very essential for you to respect her work and at the same time refrain from underestimating yourself. For women a broad and open minded person is more attractive than an intellectual who does not equate with their emotions. With high self-esteem and proper respect for your partner, it will be easy for you to balance your relationship.

Complement Her Perfectly

The requirement for a smooth relationship is not equal grades and degrees. Complementing your partner properly and completely in every aspect is what matters most. Helping her out, co-operating, running for small errands, loving her unconditionally and standing by her during any emotional dilemma are the attributes of a strong bonding with your partner.