How to Avoid Makeup Mistakes That Age You

For all the over dosage of makeup and improper skincare that you did in the younger years, your face seems to sag quickly. Yes on the younger skin a too much or too little never shows up and gradually such experimentation tends to wear away the skin unknowingly. For those of us who love to adorn their face with beauty products, here are some quick tips that will help you look young and age gracefully. Take a quick look.

1. The Chalky Effect: Forget the much talked about rule of applying the exactly matching foundation to your skin tone. Skin grows more pallid with age, so a shade that’s a dead ringer for yours can leave you looking pasty.  Put life back into the skin with a slightly warmer tone, a shade deeper than the old one. If you’re wary of going up a full notch, mix your current shade with the next darkest on the back of your hand, and then apply with a foundation brush. Warmer tones have fewer pink undertones, so they counteract ruddiness, too.

2. The Cakey Concealer: When the lines show up on your face, its time to use concealer. To keep concealer from drawing attention to wrinkles, apply it only on the inner halves of your undereyes to cover up any darkness. Or, skip a traditional concealer altogether, as Linter often does, and use a brush-on highlighter pen. The pens’ light diffusers make you look bright-eyed, and significantly moisturizing, that blend well.

3. Try the Streaked Blush: An instant trick to lift cheeks can be to use a Swirl blush ever so slightly higher on the apples. And forget stroking blush from mouth to ear as that technique only emphasizes gauntness as you get older. Give your cheeks a rosy lift with the shiny blush effect that highlights your face significantly making you look younger!

4. Wise Use of Lipstick: Instead of using the lipstick tube directly try picking the lip brush for an even application defining a border to the lips. While applying color straight from the tube tends to load on more than you need to actually put on. Make a point to dip the brush into your lipstick and dab a little on the centre of your lips having the widest portion, and then spread it to the corners which are the narrowest parts.

5. For the Droopy Lashes: Well made lashes can make your eyes look brighter and better. Curl each lash at the root, hold them for 15 seconds and then apply the mascara. When you’re pressed for time and have to choose among liner, shadow, and mascara to enhance the look of your eyes, always prefer to pick the mascara. A bonus to skipping shadow is that when your lashes are seen against bare skin, that’s when they look the longest and most gorgeous.