How to Prevent Common Furniture Buying Mistakes

Furniture is a big ticket item and it’s something you use for a long period of time. Hence, it’s imperative that you should do thorough research before investing in a piece of furniture. Buying wrong furniture is not only colossal waste of money and time, but a huge liability on your home décor as well.

Therefore, if you’re buying furniture for the first time, it’s extremely important to learn and prevent some of the most common furniture buying blunders.

Don’t make the following furniture shopping mistakes:

Don’t Forget to Measure Your Furniture

It might sound silly but in reality, many people end up buying a furniture piece without considering the scale. Always measure the size of your door, staircase or hallway before buying furniture, especially if it’s a piece such as a sectional sofa. Merely buying furniture based on its look at the store can lead to regret.

Don’t Ignore the Colors

Being familiar with the color swatches is critical to buying furniture, especially from design standpoint. You want to buy a furniture item that visually complements the rest of the furniture in your home. If possible, try to bring home a color swatch to see if it really matches with your floor, walls, or any particular furniture item you want to pair it with. Be warned that swatches on a computer screen will look different from the real color of furniture. Therefore, you should consider looking at the real furniture if you’re very particular about matching it with another furniture piece at home.

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Don’t Pay Too Much Attention to Fads

For many, the decision to buy furniture is driven by fads. While it’s important to consider the modern design, it may not always be the right choice unless it matches with your home décor. Fads come and go but the furniture you buy should look good with the overall design scheme of your house.

Don’t Buy Furniture without Testing

Testing a furniture item is half the shopping. A good-looking piece is not necessarily the most comfortable furniture around. Testing a furniture item for strength and functionality can save you from the regrets. Go beyond the veneer and inspect the frame of a sofa; sit on a chair while talking to the sale rep; open and close the drawers of dressers. Testing the furniture will reveal the potential flaws in the furniture item and help you make a better choice.

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Don’t Be Impulsive

Buying furniture hastily will invariably lead to regret. Don’t fall for the price drop and discount sales if you don’t really need that item. It always pays to deliberate on your furniture shopping decisions.

Don’t Ask for Too Many Opinions

While it helps a great to deal to have a second opinion about the furniture you want to buy, involving too many opinions in the buying process can confuse you. That said, don’t take along a group of people to the store. It not only drives the sales rep crazy but confuses your further. If you think you’re not sure about it, just take a friend whom you can trust in your decision making process.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

It’s always wise to go for furniture shopping on weekdays because the shops are relatively less crowded and hence, the sales persons are more available for you.

However, you still need to use their help to make a better buying decision. Don’t shy away from asking as many questions as you can. Because, at the end of the day, you want to make an informed decision and make sure you get the best furniture your money can buy.

Even though you may have good idea about the furniture you’re going to buy, it doesn’t hurt much to consult the sales rep to get more insights. In fact, some sales reps can clear you doubts/myths and help you make a better choice.

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