5 Facebook Tricks Often Go Unseen

If you are reading this, I might as well say that you are quite addicted to Facebook. You take anything related to Facebook seriously more than your life! JK! But, it’s true that most of us spend most of their time in Facebook than at any other form of web surfing whether it’s just about lousing off or creating something more productive and promotional. However, after all those hours you have spend on FB, only few of your have come across or noticed some of these useful Facebook tricks. Read on to know more. 

Message Forwarding

You have done this in text message and mails. Many a times you need to forward a chat and do so just by copy pasting the chat in a third person’s inbox. However, there is a better way to do so. Facebook introduces message forwarding just in the drop down list of the “Actions” tab related to the conversation. This way you can share the whole conversation or a part of it and even with a little bit of editing! Isn’t that great! However, you will always need the permission from the person whose chat you are forwarding. This could of good use in promotional and link building.

Contact Lists

You will certainly agree that Facebook is an important part of your life but the platform is all about the contacts you have. Survey states that only few users make good use of the contact lists. While you may have noticed it, you might have felt too lazy about using it. But, wouldn’t it be great if you can have the updates from the people that really mean something in your life or career than the friends you have just added as you found their eyes interesting?! The contact list of Facebook allows you to sort your friends according to your workplace, school, hobbies and any other category you may find them to fit to. This also allows you to better manage subscriptions and updates.

View Profile As

Well, I can say that this is a great tool that Facebook has provided. You might as well be lured to see how your profile looks like to strangers and other friends. Try this beneath the right corner of your cover photo. This can also be hailed as a security feature and you can actually see what info in your profile is actually shown to visitors and friends.

Back to School!

Facebook initially started with only a group of students from a specific university, Harvard as they say, to share updates and chat with each other. However, as Facebook opened up to the rest of the world, these groups vanished off. However, with the current updates, the idea is back in place. With your EDU email information, with which you have registered yourself on Facebook, the group finder automatically adds you to your peer group and you can interact with all the fellow members, who seem to have been lost in the crowd.

Controlling the Tags

While the tagging features created a lot of interest and excitement initially, gradually it became a nuisance while you got popular and everyone wants you to see his/her posts and images. In some cases, the tagged pictures and posts are so huge that you original posts get lost in your own timeline. This could be viewed close to hacking! However, you can still control it and allow yourself to be tagged. Play with the privacy settings and you will come across an option for “Timeline and Tagging”. Define people who can tag and make sure that it’s on your will to allow any tags.

Facebook has continued to amaze at every instance and everyday comes with new features, some of which are quite useful. When you have it for free, why not as well make use of it!