How to Pay Restaurant Bills with Your Credit Card

Credit Card Machine being used in a coffee shop

Having a credit card relieves you from many tensions. If you make a sudden plan for a dine out or if your friends demand you an unplanned treat, a credit card can save you from getting into an awkward situation in case you run short of cash. However, many people fear to pay using their credit cards at restaurants assuming that the server can take advantage of their credit card. On the other hand, a majority of people prefer the ease and convenience of paying bills using their credit cards. Most people leverage financial flexibility by paying restaurant bills using their credit cards.

The below-mentioned steps will guide you through the process of how to pay restaurant bills using your credit card.

Ask for Bill

After you are done with the food, ask the waiter to get you the restaurant bill. Before handing over your credit card to the waiter, examine closely the restaurant bill. Check if the prices have been correctly entered if the figure of the service tax is correct and if the tip is included in the bill.

Make Payment

Put your credit card inside the pocket of the bill folder, but ensure that the waiter can see it. To ensure more safety, you can hand over your credit card to the waiter. Ask him to process the amount and get you back your card. In case you are yourself paying at the counter, it is an added safety.


The tip is a gratuity, which you often offer the waiter for serving you. If the hospitality of the waiter appeals to you, pay a decent tip to the waiter. You can either pay the waiter in cash or include the tip amount in the bill itself. In case, you are paying in cash, leave the cash on the bill folder and strike through the line marked “tip” on the bill. There is no compulsion that you need to pay a tip from your credit card.

Sign the Receipt

Sign on the signature line of the receipt of the paid bill. Leave one copy in the bill folder and take the other one with you. Before signing, check if the bill amount swiped from your credit card is correct. Take your credit card and give the waiter the signed copy of the receipt.

Save Receipts

Whenever you pay using your credit card at dining outs, always save the receipt for bookkeeping purposes. Try to keep the receipts of the payments until the charge gets cleared from your account. In the event of any discrepancy, contact the cashier of the restaurant immediately to have the charge corrected on your account. In case the restaurant does not comply, contact your bank or your card issuer for further proceeding.