Find the Best Web Browsers for Your Android Device

Although a default browser is present in android devices, but most of us need another browser for different reasons. We always wish the web-pages to be loaded fast and our internet activity through the browser should be safe enough. This may be the reason for the android users to search the best browsers in Android market. This article aims to help you regarding your search and show you the list of popular and best android web browsers.

Dolphin Browser

A fast and powerful browser for your android tab or phone. Dolphin browser, also available in HD is a must try for all the android users. This has been rated the best android browser by most of the rating websites and the writer also feels the same from his personal experience. The easy and smart interface with so many add-ons makes this a popular android browser.


  • Select your favorite add-ons and customize the browser as per your need.
  • The gestures help you browsing the web with lightning speed.
  • The new Webzine feature will show you the web, you have never experienced before.
  • Multi-touch Pinch Zoom allows users to make the text bigger or smaller with their fingers.
  • Tabs are also available to browse the web just like on your desktop.
  • Speed dial is there to open the most visited websites with one finger tap.
  • Smart Address bar will help you to type less by suggesting the website name as you type few letters.
  • Switching between desktop view and mobile view is very easy with this.
  • You can also make your theme a colorful and customize it with the Colorful theme pack.

Firefox Browser :

Your very own Firefox. If you love Firefox on your desktop, you must love this android version too. A fast and customizable browser with latest security and privacy features, makes Firefox a popular browser in Android market too.


  • The Sync function makes it easy to access your bookmarks, browser history, Passwords and opened tabs from any device at anytime.
  • Get the websites loaded quickly with the fast browsing.
  • Tabs are also available in this android version of Firefox.
  • The Personas option allows you to change the look of your browser and dress it as you like.
  • Install your favorite add-ons and save time.
  • Social apps like Facebook and Twitter also integrated with the browser to make the social sharing easy and quick.
  • Location-Aware Browsing can help you to get more relevant information on the go.
  • Bookmarking is more simple and easy with the swipe option.

Skyfire Browser :

This is more popular as a social mobile browser. If you are a social media addict, you must need this browser on your android device. You can find most of the social media options available in this android browser. Features like the flash video support, Facebook QuickView, RSS Feed Reader, Twitter integration, Google Reader etc will never allows you to think for another browser.


  • It supports flash videos and the “Video” icon present on the browser, allows you to play millions of videos.
  • You can change between mobile view and desktop view easily with the help of user agent switching.
  • Load the Facebook pages fast and easily access your profile, news feed, friends and messages with the Facebook QuickView.
  • Fireplace Feed Reader filters the Facebook feed and provides you the list of links, web-pages, images and videos posted by your friends.
  • Popular pages option can suggest you to decide quickly about the next topic you should read after reading a particular story.
  • Skyfire Search can show you the search results from Google, Facebook, VideoSurf, Twitter and more.
  • This browser puts a Facebook like button on every page and you don’t have to search it anywhere.

Opera Mini:

How can we forget Opera mini, while discussing on Mobile browsers. This is a fast web browser to load websites quickly and saves your internet data usage. Normally it compress webpages to load faster on your android tab or mobile. Yes, this compression also helps in low data usage and saves your money.


  • Realize the fast speed of websites loading in this browser. Just open your favorite websites and you can easily notice the difference.
  • The new minimal look gives the browser a better appearance and high performance.
  • The Pinch-to-zoom and smooth panning options are also available to make your surfing better and natural.
  • Sync your bookmarks and access them through other devices easily.
  • Speed dial function let you browse your favorite and most visited websites with one tap and no typing.
  • Share the contents on the go with the help of in-built Facebook and Twitter Sharing options.
  • The Opera mobile store can be reached easily through the browser speed dial option, where you can download the free apps and games quickly.