10 Tips to Tame The Shopaholic in You

‘Shopping’. What is the first thing which comes into your mind when you hear this word?

I see windows, big, really big windows; glittering with all the things you can ever think of. A dream world full of perfect things; a world where grown-ups get what they want. Just imagine how it feels when you see someone cute and he smiles back at you, and your heart kind of goes like warm butter sliding down hot toast. I feel the same when I see a store. You see, a man would never love you or treat you as well as a store would. If you get a man who doesn’t fit you, life doesn’t give you a second chance or seven days refund policy. But yes, a store sure does. You go, try and pick stuff and if it doesn’t suit you,

A store is a place where you can find all the varieties of almost everything you ever needed…the smell of a store full of cashmere is much more seductive than a man…a store can awaken a lust for things you never even knew you needed…and when your pretty fingers grasp those shiny…pretty…colourful bags…OH YES!! OH YES!! You exactly know what I mean…the feeling itself is so amazing…BUT!

Everything has two price tags…the real price tag…and the price tag which suits your pocket. The real price tags are for shiny things…expensive…which hardly lasts for 3 weeks…and the other tags,,,the brown ones….which suits your pocket will get you things which are not glamorous or shiny or capable enough to make a statement…but they will last forever.

In the current scenario people tend to invest more and more on their style statement because they have a class to maintain they belong to a society which maintains itself…so to keep themselves upgrade..confident and poised people get into the traps of credit cards…or I would like to quote it as ‘shopping cards’. At first you think that the card is your best friend, always there for you whenever you need it. It’s like a 50% off on a branded cloth, until you look closely and realize that it’s not the real cashmere. It has already been too late when you realize that you have been ripped-off. And when the real time to test the worth of friend comes you realize that your ‘card’ is not your real friend…you should have read the fine prints. You should have looked more closely what you are getting into.

Being a shopaholic is not a problem you cannot treat. It’s just a compulsive disorder. Shopaholics have a baseline preoccupation with shopping, they’re always thinking about it, and a tension builds and they have to satisfy that tension by going out and shopping. That relieves the tension, at least for the time being,”

Some shop out of loneliness, others for the rush of it, still others to fill some inner need. Some seek greater self-esteem; others use it to battle depression. Some shop to return to a happy childhood, others to escape a bad one. But few shopaholics consider it a debilitating disorder until the spiral of debt or marital discord leaves them no other choice.

If you are one of those who are having a problem with over-shopping, there are 8 simple things you can do to save yourself (and your finances, too).

Carry Around Cash

It can be easy to overspend when you’re not seeing the full extent of your expenses. When you carry around cash, your payment is tangible. Unlike with credit cards, you’ll actually have to take the time and count how much you’re giving at the counter. This prevents overspending, because you can easily keep track of how much you’re going to spend.

Stay Out Of the Mall

There are many other things you can do for fun aside from going to the mall. When you go there, it’s inevitable that you’ll spend money. For shopaholics, it can be very easy to go from one purchase to another, so beware. Opt to stay at home and read a book, or go outdoors at a park – any place where you can be away from shops and stores. You want to avoid temptation at all times, so this means.

Stay Away From Online Stores As Well

You can buy and get absolutely anything from the Internet nowadays. If you want to avoid spending online, temporarily block online store websites from your computer so you won’t be tempted to do a little “window shopping”. It would be even better if you have someone else block these stores, and have them set a password, just so it won’t be as easy for you to unblock these websites from your computer.

Look Forward To Something Else

When you’re drying yourself out, trying not to shop, the tendency is to look forward to the next shopping binge. If you find yourself doing this, stop and try to find something else to look forward to. This will divert your attention from your addiction to something more positive.

Lock Up All Your Credit Cards

Let’s face it: credit cards are the culprit. While they give us a wide range of possibilities and conveniences, they are also very susceptible to abuse. If you’re trying to wane off shopping for a while, it’s best not to whip out your plastic. They’ll only make it easier for you to overspend.

Go After a Full Meal

One of the tactics supermarkets use is smell like for example, the aroma of freshly baked bread from the in-store bakery during strategic hours throughout the day. The smell of warm bread makes people feel hungry. When you feel hungry while shopping you are more likely to buy more items than you need.

Stick to A List

List out the things you intend to buy and stick to it. Bring only the right amount of money. If you do see something you like along the way, put it in your wishlist and implement the test of time.

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Engage Your Intelligence by Self Questioning: Ask Yourself

  • Can you afford it?
  • How long will the thing last before it is made out-of-date by something newer and better?
  • When will the newer and better version come out and will the current thing being considered still be impressive but at a cheaper price?
  • Will the thing being considered take away precious time that could be spent better doing something else more valuable?
  • Do I even have the time?
  • Do you already have one?

Plan Your Money

Upon receiving your money at the end of every month, plan ahead for the next month. After setting aside the sum for bills and payments, allocate a minimum amount for savings while assigning a conservative amount for spending. For example, savings should at least be 10% while shopping expenses, regardless if it’s for yourself or others for the entire month, should be no more than 5% of your total salary.

Save First

Don’t rationalize your purchases by saying you will not eat out for the next 4 weekends. If you truly want something, the simple rule is to save for it first, then buy.

For many compulsive shoppers, their habits start out as something manageable and immensely enjoyable. Over time, it becomes second nature for them to turn to shopping and spending to elevate their mood when they’re feeling depressed, anxiety-ridden, angry or lonely. Regardless of where you are in the world, over spending can only mean trouble. It is so difficult not to give into the instant gratification that we have been programmed to satisfy but these 10 very useful tips should bring you successfully back to a well-balanced lifestyle.