How to Achieve a Better Smile on Photos

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Smile is something that gives you a pleasing introduction even to a stranger. In the age of video cams, phone cameras, emails, you should always be ready for an instant beautiful and adorable smile because there are chances that this smile of yours will actually travel some miles. Interestingly, you need not be a star performer or a diva out of a Hollywood movie to give that one heart throbbing perfect photographic smile that will definitely curl the lips of the on looker. Here are 6 easy to follow tips for that luminous smile of yours.

Give a Soft, Natural Smile

Quick or rather reflex smiles tend to twitch your cheek muscles in a manner that will give you either an awkward or weird look on photo. So, always go for a gentle and natural smile that will make just the right changes to your facial pose and thus give a wonderful view. When you go for something fluffy and soft, it is easier to retain it for a longer time. A gentle smile gives you a relaxed look, equal upper and lower lip curves and the right amount of teeth exposure since in this case the upper set of teeth gently touches the edge of the lower lip.

Put on the Right Lipstick Shade

For a woman, putting on the right lipstick is the best technique for a magical smile. Choosing the right shade that complements your skin tone is what matters most. On the other, a wrong choice can really deter your chances of a photogenic look. Wine pink, cherry red, berry, plum or rosy pink are the risk free shades that usually work for most skin complexions. Shades that constitute blue-based colors or light pinks make teeth look whiter, while darker ones like deep red or maroons sometimes distort your smile. Putting on gloss over the lipstick will prevent the color from sticking on your teeth due to dryness.

Be Confident about Your On-camera Look

People usually recede from group photographs or hesitate to smile while on camera. Seriously, you need not have an iconic face or lips to produce a luminous smile. Just be confident about the way you and smile your heart out with a little touch of technique. You will gather many admirers who say that you have a wonderful smile. You need not have a perfect combination of facial structure to give that, all you have to do is, smile the right way.

Get the Correct Posture

Posing for camera has a lot to do with fine posture than beautiful looks. If your face is bent forward or you drop your head, it brings out a “not so pleasant” photograph of yours. Tilting your head slightly and dropping the chin works wonders for an adorable smile. This tweet info graph explains the correct posture beautifully.

Being Ready from Roots

For an instant and readymade smile anywhere any time, the requirement is a healthy and beautiful set of teeth and gums. Yellowish tinge of teeth, cracked or missing teeth or bleeding gums can mar your appearance on camera. Using teeth whitening products and regular dental care  is the best guide to a good oral health and a glowing smile.