5 Payments You Should Never Make by Credit Cards

Credit cards are undoubtedly one of the greatest financial inventions in recent times. The banks and credit card companies keep on saying that the credit card holders can truly live beyond their means. A card with sufficient credit balance can help shop to the desire. It does not let the card owner feel any scarcity of fund while making bigger deals. So this can be considered as an affirmative side of having credit cards. While, on the contrary, it can turn into a serious bane in absolutely no time if the card owner goes on using the credit cards every so often.

People using their credit cards on every single purchase can end up losing a huge amount of money in the form of credit card charges. Or, at the worst, they can also suffer from a state of bankruptcy when the credit card debt go well beyond the limit and the owner fails to pay it right in the term.

Well, the side issues of overusing credit cards are many and we have lots of instances and statistics going with this. Creditcards.com has got all the statistics listed on their webpage telling that “In 2011, there were 11 percent of bank credit cards carried overlimit penalty fees. In 2010, the amount was 23 percent and it was more than 80 percent in 2009.” myLot, an enormous blogging community, has got a lot of people sharing their bitter experiences about overusing their credit cards like, for an instance, some have lost their homes just because they could not pay off their credit card debt and charges.

Now, it’s you who’s got to use the credit cards responsibly. Here are 5 types of payments that you should never make by your credit cards.

College Fees

Credit card interest compounds and the debt add up quickly. So if are thinking of paying your college tuition fees by your credit card and paying off the credit charges after getting the job, think again. By the time you will get a job your credit debt would increase a lot. So better you opt for any student education loan or low-interest grants. If they’re hard to get, wait until you have enough balance for your admission.


When your taxes are exceedingly high, you will most likely use your credit cards to pay all taxes since the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides an easier way of making payments by credit cards. But, don’t use your credit cards because the payment processors will charge you 1.88 percent to 2.35 percent which is completely unnecessary for you.

A Large Wedding Celebration

Planning a grand wedding celebration is not bad. But, it does not make any sense if you use your credit card balance up and get under a heavy load of liability afterwards. Any alternative? Yes, just limit your desires and arrange a less expensive wedding party. The bucks you save now will help enjoy a happy married life. So, think wise.


Vacations are meant to give pleasure and remove stress, not to put you under stress. It has been seen that people use their credit cards to compensate for all their travelling expenses. It’s good to go with a perfect tour-plan so you don’t need to use your credit cards during the vacation because it’s not cool to get reminder messages about your heavy credit card debt during or after your dream trip.

Medical Bills

It’s always best to get all your family members insured by efficient health insurance policies. If you’re taking an uninsured patient to the medical, make sure that you’ve got enough funds which will make your credit cards stay safe in the wallet. It’s not ideal to use credit cards for something like medical cases which can be held up by third parties.