11 Critical Interview Tips to Land Your Dream Job

job interview tips

If you think you are smarter than your current job position, quit the job. Nobody has ever won by compromising with life. The best time to decide what you should do to get what you’ve been made for was the time you first saw your dream. The second best time is ‘now’, and there’s no third option. So craft a compelling resume, research the industry needs, work harder to get fit for your dream position, and use the following interview tips to achieve your dream job.

job interview tips

Know Your Weaknesses

This is a common question in nearly every interview. Here all candidates should understand that a weak point or two will not cost you the job. The interviewer is well aware of the fact that all have weaknesses. So admit your weaknesses and explain what you do to remove them unlike many candidates who’ve been taught to avoid their weaknesses cleverly.

Another better way of dealing with your weakness is convince your interviewer that your weakness has no relation with the job responsibilities.

Offer a Smile

A smile doesn’t cost a penny but yet it’s critical to making a good impression on the interview panel. Most importantly when you smile, you literally win over all your nervousness. This is why you need to keep a smiling face up on your interview day.

Prepare for Weird Questions


If you are being interviewed for top-quality job in a genuine brand, be sure of getting some weird questions during the interview. The interviewer might suddenly ask you something like “Why do Europeans love football instead of cricket?” even though you’ve applied for a VFX artist’s post. Well, we can say that it’s just a stupid kind of question which has nothing to do with your job descriptions. But the reason of asking this is the interviewer wants to know how well you could handle the situation.

Understandably you cannot prepare for each weird question since they are countless, so try finding some way out to answer these questions better.

Keep Your Cool

Many times, things go unexpectedly bad which might lead to some oral disagreement with your interviewer. It’s advised not to lose your cool or say unnecessary words at that moment.

A lot of cases are out there when people got dismissed just because they had a verbal dispute with the recruiter. When they realized that it’s only a mind-game the recruiter was playing, they had to regret.

Know Your Interviewer

Get informed about your interviewer works during the interview. If you researched the hiring manager’s profile beforehand and could establish a close connection with him during the interview, then the entire interview session turns out to be a total fun.

Develop Your Cultural Fit

The phrase ‘Cultural Fit’, in the recruiter’s tongue, is the eligibility of the candidate to cope up with the work environment and perform well when qualifications are not taken into consideration. So in the present day scenario, how skilled you are probably matters more than how qualified you are.

Speak Enthusiastically

Remember that’s your dream job and you can never afford to lose it. Make the recruiter believe that you are truly desperate to work in the position. All you need to do is speak wisely like, for example, you could say ‘it’s my dream’ or ‘it’s my mission’ rather than ‘it’s my job’. You needn’t put more effort in how to speak because everything should fall into place if you’re genuinely desperate. Trying for this might cause to lose the natural way.

Now, here are the useful post-interview tips

Finish Well

Remember that both your first impression and last impression matter. Be careful both when you enter the room and occupy the hot seat and when you exit the room as well. Furthermore, if the interviewer asks if you’ve any last question, ask him or her something about their company policy in treating employees.

Suppose, you’ve applied for the senior VFX artist’s position, here your last question to your interviewer should be something like “Will the company provide us training from experienced professionals in the industry if we had to work on a 5-minute 3D-animated commercial involving exotic characters?” The interviewer, thus, gets an idea of how targeted and focused you are.

Thank the Interviewer

Never forget to thank the interviewer before you leave the place. But don’t just say the phrase ‘Thank you’. Rather, try to add few more words showing the recruiter that you actually mean what you’re saying. Something like “Thank you for your time and making an awesome day for” would work.

Follow Up

After your interview is over, return home and email a thank-you note on the same day. Follow up in 3-4 days, and keep on following up until you get a solid response.

Negotiate Professionally

Salary negotiation is a crucial thing to do before you join the company. This is what all experienced candidates do to earn what they are really worth. But remember to negotiate in a sheer professional way considering your job responsibility alongside. Effective negotiation helps enhance your credibility. So learn it.