10 Natural Ways to Treat Sunburns

That was an awesome day in the beach, swimming, rolling in the sand and playing volleyball. There could not have been a better day! But lo! You got that nasty sunburn (which is itchy and you are in flames) and now you start ranting about not applying enough sun block at regular intervals. Better stop thinking about what you didn’t do and go for a remedy ASAP. How?

Simple. Head towards your kitchen, you will find every aid you need. Here are 5 handy sunburn treatments right at your home.

Tomato Paste

You can equate tomato paste with low SPF. Although tomato juice is acidic, it does not hurt when applied to sensitive, burnt skin. However, it is more effective to consume tomatoes in order to prevent sunburn rather applying it on skin after the effect.


Vinegar can smell horrible but do not worry; it will last for just 5 minutes. You can fill a spray bottle with distilled vinegar or apple cider vinegar and spray it on the affected area. It will burn and itch but be extremely careful not to rub it. Using vinegar can stop blisters from forming on the skin.

Vanilla Extract

This one is very effective but because of its cost, it’s better to use it on only localized areas. Simply soak a cotton ball in the vanilla extract and apply it on the affected area, but make sure it is the original one otherwise it won’t show any results.

Lemon Juice or Extracts

This acidic juice rich in vitamin C is one of the best methods to cure sunburns. If you are using a fresh fruit then cut it in two halves and apply one of them smoothly over skin.  In case you are using a bottle of concentrated lime juice, dilute it with water and then apply on the burnt area.

Skim Milk

The procedure for applying this treatment is a little different. Mix one part skim milk with four parts water. Soak a washcloth in the solution and apply it on the affected parts for half an hour and repeat the steps every four hours. It reduces the pain as well as chances of tan and blisters.


Oats are helpful when your skin is extremely itchy and sensitive. Take some uncooked oatmeal and soak it in water for some time and then apply the paste on the irritated area. If you have got burn all around your body then soak oatmeal in your bath tub and go for a “oat bath”.


It is a common cooking ingredient or food present in every household. Just take the yoghurt and smear it on the affected skin like a paste. It will give you relief from soreness, irritation and the redness.


You must be having tea bags in your kitchen. Take a couple of them and steep in warm water. Then discard the bags and soak a wash cloth in to the mow cold tea. Apply the wash cloth on the affected area and also use it before retiring for bed.


Potatoes work for multiple skin problems like tanning, uneven skin tone and also sunburn. You can take a slice of potato and rub it on the part affected but potatoes are not recommended when you have a sensitive skin or a tender burn.


Just like potatoes, rubbing apple slices over the burn diminishes the soreness, but should not be used if the skin your skin is a sensitive one.